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Bay Section Report
July 2014

Installation Luncheon was held on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. The 2014-2015 Bay Section Board Officers are listed in the margin on the right.

Alameda Chapter: There is no chapter President for the Alameda Chapter at this time, as the president has taken a different administrative job within the district.

Contra Costa Chapter: The chapter has been actively fundraising. There are several classified employees that are active in chapter activities.

Mid Peninsula Chapter: The chapter held its annual awards dinner and had representatives from each school, including classified staff, attending.

North Coast Chapter: Date is set for the 2014 wine auction. It will be held on September 28, 2014. Pam Garramone is continuing as Chapter President.

Members at Large—Tim Doyle and Gladys Kiefer are still working on obtaining the Bay Section CCAE State Board Member at Large.

CCAE State Conference 2016—Tim Doyle and Gladys Kiefer have been searching for venues for the CCAE State Conference 2016. Potential venues include San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Concord, and Monterey.

Respectfully submitted,

Gladys Kiefer
CCAE Bay Section President


2014 CCAE Bay Section Honorees

Anthony Burik, Contra Costa Chapter, Mt. Diablo Adult Education
Anthony Burik is being nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award for his outstanding customer service, coordination and expertise in the GED Testing Center. Anthony began his career with Mt. Diablo Adult Education Center in the English as a Second Language Department teaching beginning level classes. He was soon promoted to EL Civics Project Coordinator and later became a very valuable asset to CATESOL, often assisting in the set up and coordination of various conferences.


Anthony is devoted to adult education and has been an active member of CCAE since 2007. In addition to working countless hours, Anthony also devotes his time to expanding his knowledge and skills through higher education. He is an avid proponent of life- long learning and has attained the following degrees:  B.A. History, M.A. Library and Information Science, M.A. Social Studies Education.

The January 1, 2014 deadline to complete the old version of the GED Test presented many logistical issues for our students and our school. Anthony has demonstrated the ability to develop and execute both long and short term plans to enable our school to provide outstanding service to our students and community members. The imminent deadline caused a great deal of stress to those taking the exam and Anthony was always accessible and addressed their concerns and issues with professionalism and compassion.  Anthony's work is always meticulously done and his expertise of the National GED Program has grown tremendously as the Lead GED Examiner.

Anthony once expressed interest in becoming the Mayor of San Francisco.  Should he decide to pursue that dream, he will have our vote for that as well! 


Laura Cinquini, North Coast Chapter, Napa Valley Adult
We would like to wholeheartedly recommend Laura Cinquini as a CCAE Teacher of Excellence, a modicum of professionalism, and a wonderful ambassador for education.  Laura is someone for whom teaching is a gift!  It takes good teachers to make a difference with students, communities, and the whole field of adult education in California.  Laura is one of those special teachers. For these reasons, it is our pleasure to nominate Laura Cinquini for the CCAE Excellence in Teaching Award.

Educational Background:

  • California Clear Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential: San Jose State University
  • Associate of Arts Degree, graduated with Honors: College of San Mateo
  • Certificate on Information Processing: The Business Academy, Mission Valley ROP, Freemon!
  • Professional Computer Users Associations:  Napa

Activities & Accomplishments: As a classroom teacher and professional development trainer and mentor, Laura is well respected in her classroom, her department and by colleagues school-wide.  She has taught a variety of computer classes such as: Introduction to Computers, MS Office Outlook, Word and MS Office Suite, Computing 101- Hardware and Operating Systems Essentials, among others. Laura has also taught computer classes in our contract-based division called the NVAE Workplace Training Institute (WTI,) for agencies such as the City of Napa and the Department of Mental Health.  Recently, Laura has begun working with CTE students on writing high quality resumes and cover letters, a much needed skill for our students entering or re-entering the workforce.

Laura willingly takes on a leadership role and is always available to help with department activities.  She helps to coordinate staff development meetings, volunteers on WASC committees, and represents the school and CTE department at job fairs when not teaching.  Laura enthusiastically collaborates with various non-profit organizations and attends network meetings and community events in order to market our programs and connect with local agencies. She serves as a valuable support person at our local OneStop assisting clients to obtain training and employment information.

As a 5 year member of CCAE, Laura jumped right in upon joining and volunteered to help organize our North Coast Chapter's annual Silent Wine Auction as the event's Beverage Committee.

This event is highly important to our chapter's yearly budget. Laura regularly attends CCAE conferences and shares important information to her CTE colleagues upon return. This year, she has stepped up to a leadership role again as she was elected to the CCAE North Coast Chapter Board as Treasurer.

Impact on Adult Learners: Laura teaches students how to apply their knowledge of course material to new situations so they will understand the practical applications of what they have learned. Her use of scaffolding techniques to break down tasks into a step-by-step process helps students feel comfortable learning technology.  When observing her classes, it is easy to see why her students enjoy learning and succeed in her classes.  She sets clear objectives and maintains high expectations for all learners. Laura monitors student learning and adapts to the needs of her learners in order to make classes and trainings both comfortable and challenging.

Her passion for engaging adults and encouraging knowledge, skills and discipline, contribute
to their lives as a whole.  She is an innovative thinker and uses her own creativity to help her students to think and act creatively in order to better their personal lives and jobs.


Katherine “Kitty” Stenson, Mid-Peninsula Chapter, Metropolitan Adult Education Program

Ms. Stenson earned her Bachelor's Degree and graduated from Holy Names University in Oakland. While earning her Life-time Secondary Credential in 1970, she also began teaching high school. After 10 years as a high school teacher and some traveling (that included teaching), she completed her Master's Degree at San Francisco State University. Ms. Stenson's Master's Degree is in TESOL-a portent of her teaching future.

Ms. Stenson makes students feel welcome and involved when they join her open-entry class. As an "employment readiness" skill, she expects the students to sit with a different classmate at a different table daily, since "You won't get to choose your co-workers, nor will you like them all." On one occasion a visitor, who admitted to having been quite anti-immigrant, remarked, "After several visits here, seeing how much they care about each other, I am a changed person."

While teaching the basics of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar in the ESL - Intermediate Low level, Ms. Stenson keeps students physically active as well as mentally engaged. She uses techniques such as "Find a Person Who ...."(....came to this country in the last 6 months, at a full-time job, ....has children, etc.) , a “walkabout" to answer questions about job ad abbreviations, student sentence correction at the board, and incorporating vocabulary words students suggest into the weekly list.

As Curriculum Specialist for the second time, Ms. Stenson motivated the ESL teachers to increase the number of students with paired CASAS scores via a review of CASAS outcome reports.   After the fall semester, one teacher's percentage of students with paired scores increased 32% and seven teachers had paired scores for every student in their classes! This effort also brought Ms. Stenson a Superintendent's "Raising the Bar" Award.

Ms. Stenson, as ESL Curriculum Specialist, covers many roles. She serves as a mentor teacher, represents MAEP at both the ESL Network and ALLIES, and coordinates the annual International Day event. Currently, she is involved in networking with West Valley College to facilitate the transition of advanced level ESL students from adult education to community college.  The ESL department is also taking advantage of MAEP's TABE program to test high intermediate and advanced students without high school diplomas in the interests of providing advice for future academic and career paths.

Ms. Stenson is that rare commodity: a California native. Actually, she is a 3rd generation native! Her teaching career has continued from this unique beginning. After teaching high school subjects in private schools, Ms. Stenson taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Peru. Although her total teaching time in Peru was six years, she broke up the time by returning to San Francisco to earn her Master's Degree. Her first job in ESL was with the Indochinese Resettlement & Cultural Center (IRCC), mainly teaching Vietnamese immigrants. Ms. Stenson came to MAEP after six years in the IRCC position. She has been with MAEP since 1995 and has served in leadership roles since 2000. She also serves on the AFT Executive Board.


Judith Flores, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education

Accomplishments: Judith Flores is the Oakland GED chief examiner, and more. She provides the GED orientation to all students, in both English and in Spanish, so that students can make informed decisions. While the Oakland GED program is an effective "high touch" program, Judy is always looking at ways to improve the service to students. This year she's developed an information PowerPoint loop, to precede the in-person orientation. This "loop" can be made available to off-site orientations, ensuring continuity of information. With program cuts and downsizing in 2013-14, Judy has taken on data and accountability in Oakland. In addition to carrying on the work, Judy is looking at different ways to provide structure and reports so that all staff can make data a part of their daily work.

Significant Impact: As Judy says at the GED orientation, she is the first and last point of GED contact in Oakland (orientation and testing). That continuity and "high-touch" service has resulted in a high rate of test completers. Structure and strategy has been important in maximizing GED 2002 test completers and in preparing for GED 2014.  Judy's stature in the Latino  community has made the GED program accessible to Spanish speakers. She collaborates well with the community, staff and students.


Suzanne Ludlum, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education

Accomplishments: Suzanne Ludlum has brought ESL Family Literacy and GED instruction to deep, east Oakland. She has become an integral part of the partner elementary schools that she teaches at, e.g., being a part of their restorative justice program, a leader in the school-site farmer's market, and the creator of the school garden. Through her role as an adult education teacher, she has had helped the partner schools to become full service community schools. Suzanne has always been a leader in educational technology, which is becoming more important with the GED 2014 and Common Core State Standards. She has led professional development internally as well as statewide.

Significant Impact: Suzanne has not only made GED test preparation accessible to adults in deep east Oakland, she has prepared them to pass and to have more opportunities available to them. Suzanne has integrated technology into the instruction of both GED and ESL Family Literacy students, bridging the digital divide in Oakland and empowering adult learners. Suzanne has helped her ESL Family Literacy parents to become leaders in the school. Last year they hosted a Family Literacy event, where parents taught other parents about best practices in literacy.


Byron Huey, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education
Byron's main duties as Data and Accountability Manager included coordinating and overseeing of the administration and implementation of district, state, and federal planning and accountability requirements related to student achievement, including CASAS testing, EL Civics additional assessments, GED, Carl Perkins data collection, goal and target setting processes, and instructional program plans. He was also responsible for communicating and serving as a liaison with the California Department of Education staff and their vendors for our state and federal grants including submitting data, writing reports, and troubleshooting database issues. In addition Byron also communicated with Adult Education staff regarding attendance, testing and requirements of our state and federal grants. He provided Adult Education administration with reports from sites that provide analysis of student demographics and test scores of our students in classes in our community-based organization. He also has been responsible for creating scorecards for the GED and Family Literacy programs. Byron has always been his peers and his superiors throughout his career in Adult Education. He is extremely dependable and flexible when it comes to requests of him to complete reports and data analysis tasks. He is always willing to accept work without complaint and to complete it to the best of his ability. Byron retired at the end of last year but continues to work with Oakland and Berkeley Adult Education as a valued consultant.


Parlin Gale, Contra Costa Chapter, Martinez Adult Education

Parlin Gale is our candidate for Excellence in Support Staff. She came to Martinez Adult as a student in the graphics and web design programs.  With her demonstrated talents, Parlin was hired at Martinez Adult Education in August 2007.  She serves as a secretary for our evening and Saturday registration  desk and also as a secretary for our job  developer.

For the job developer, Parlin keeps all the client files and lists current, so she is ready for an audit at any time.  Each month she reviews and prepares the essential client data for the Department  of Rehabilitation  and compiles necessary figures for quarterly meetings. She prepares the packets for the lunchtime job club meetings for DOR clients and shares useful ideas with the clients.

As both secretary to the job developer and evening registrar, Parlin meets and greets potential students and clients. She is kind and gentle, thus helping to reduce a potential student's anxiety of coming to a new school and beginning new training. She uses her brilliant skills of communication to diffuse those adults who may be confrontational either in person or on the phone: she is an expert at customer service.

At the registrar's desk, Parlin maintains the data base for our Traffic Violator School.  She inputs all the documentation  and  prepares the completion  certificates.  This must be completed  shortly following the TVS class, and Parlin is always punctual with this activity.

Parlin maintains a cheerful, positive demeanor-one that can inspire smiles in others. She is a dedicated, valued part of our staff and we are delighted to honor her as our candidate for Excellence in Support Staff.


Sandra Stanford, Mt. Diablo Adult Education
In 2007 Sandra Stanford stepped into the role of Administrative Secretary and Credential Technician for Mt. Diablo Adult Education. While she started with a strong secretarial background, she had to quickly learn about a multitude of projects, systems, partnering organizations, and “big picture” issues and accomplished this with incredible ease and intelligence. A significant amount of her time is devoted to managing the calendar of numerous meeting and appointments. This requires a good grasp of the purpose of the meeting to ensure efficiency in her communication with people throughout Mt. Diablo Adult Education, throughout Mt. Diablo Unified School District, within many public and private organizations, with public officials, and members of the larger community. The impact of her assuming this role for me was dramatic. As Credential Technician, Sandra has exceeded all expectations in learning all aspects of the credentialing process. She is very much known as the “go to person” as she provides information in a very understandable manner. Sandra treats everyone with respect, sincerity, and compassion. She has been absolutely delightful to work with. I know I could not accomplish all that I do without her. I tell her frequently, “You saved me again!”


John Bent
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, District Administrator, Region II

Contra Costa County Office of Education, Parolee Education Program

Mr. Bent has been tireless in his efforts to link parolee students in the San Francisco Bay   Area to local programs and resources. He has spent countless hours above and beyond his   job description, developing community contacts to assist students with employment and  furthering their education. Mr. Bent has worked closely with teachers assigned to work in parolee education in an effort to develop and implement a network of community based organizations to assist parolee students.

Over the past year, Mr. Bent has provided 972 parolees in the San Francisco Bay Area access to educational programs that afford students an opportunity to find jobs, continue their education, and get off parole. The success rate of Mr. Bent's efforts is one of the highest in the state. He has helped reduce the number of parolees returning to prison and continuing criminogenic behavior.

Mr. Bent has insured that all parolees in his district have access to educational programs and are served in an equitable fashion. He has worked tirelessly to bring new educational program classrooms into the community and into parole offices. He has developed an incentive program with community organizations, so that the neediest of parolees can get food vouchers and other services. In order to insure ADA access at one site, he had a door built into a classroom at the parole office site. Mr. Bent regularly visits classrooms and gives motivational talks to groups of parolee students.

Mr. Bent helped launch the Parole and Community Team (PACT) meetings that bring local agencies and recently released inmates together on a monthly basis. He regularly networks with community based resources in an effort to link all parolees with services. Mr. Bent recognizes the high risk potential of recently released inmates and insures that they have access to information, resources, and education.

All of the efforts put forth by Mr. Bent and the people he supervises can be replicated statewide. Access to and equity in educational district programs will work anywhere. Developing community based resources and services for adult students requires networking with existing organizations in every community. Finding and implementing an incentive program to assist high risk students will support them in their educational endeavors.


Bay Section Winter Conference and Excellence Awards a Huge Success!

Over 170 adult educators participated in the annual Bay Section Winter Conference and Excellence Awards on March 1, 2014 at Berkeley Adult School. Participants gathered in the morning to hear CCAE Executive Director, Jerry Green talk about CCAE's efforts to support adult educators. After the morning opening session participants gathered in regional groups to hear Tim Doyle, Joanne Durkee, Dr. Bob Harper, and Chris Nelson speak about AB86 and how teachers, classified staff, and students need to be part of the planning and have their voices heard.

During lunch attendees dined on sandwiches provided by The Bread Project and listened to keynote speakers Senator Loni Hancock and Mayor Tom Bates of Berkeley. Lynne Nicodemus presented the Excellence Awards to the following honorees:

Anthony Burik, Contra Costa Chapter, Mt. Diablo Adult Education
Laura Cinquini, North Coast Chapter, Napa Valley Adult
Katherine “Kitty” Stenson, Mid-Peninsula Chapter, Metropolitan Adult Education Program
Judith Flores, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education
Suzanne Ludlum, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education

Byron Huey, Alameda Chapter, Oakland Adult and Career Education
Parlin Gale, Contra Costa Chapter, Martinez Adult Education
Sandra Stanford, Contra Costa Chapter, Mt. Diablo Adult Education

John Bent
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, District Administrator, Region II
Contra Costa County Office of Education, Parolee Education Program

After lunch, Debbie Norgaard delivered over 35 door prizes which were won buy lucky participants with the winning blue ticket. Also, David Williams from Pittsburg Adult Education Center was the winner of the 50/50 opportunity drawing.

In addition to hearing about adult education consortium planning and excellence awards, participants attended various breakout sessions to learn about the new GED, contextualized workforce skills in ESL instruction, creating an ESL student ambassador leadership team for your program, pathways to career and college, choosing materials for GED 2014, SB 173, older adults, parent education information, transitioning students using blended instruction, using CASAS assessment results to improve instruction, OTAN planning for the future, strategies and materials for incorporating college and career readiness into daily classes, critical thinking, communication, reflection—strategies for developing the asset of a new-old, and maintaining parent education programs through establishing partnerships.

One of the most talked about workshops was School and Community Leadership presented by San Mateo Adult Education students and staff:
Marco Estrella, President, San Mateo Adult School Student Council
Hitiomi Kawagishi, Past President, San Mateo Adult School Student Council
Marina Kravtsova, Adult Education Advocate
Lisa Dolehide, San Mateo Adult School Student Council Staff Liaison

Other presenters included: G. Vittoria Abbate-Maghsoudi, Assistant Director, Mt. Diablo Adult Education, Steve Giudici, Principal, Fremont Adult & Continuing Education, Lisa Gonzalves, ESL Department Coordinator & Lead Teacher, Alameda Adult School, Christine Paynton, GED/ABE/ASE Instructor, Mt. Diablo Adult Education, Janine Sahm, President of Mid Peninsula Chapter, Adult Education Instructor, Santa Clara Adult Education, Miranda LaBatt, Regional Manager, Northern California, Gladys Recinos, Assessment Consultant, CTB/McGraw-Hill, Patty Long, Program Specialist, CASAS, Branka Marceta, Technology Projects Coordinator, OTAN, Lynne Nicodemus, Vice Principal, Pittsburg Adult Education Center, George Porter, Older Adult Instructor, Berkeley Adult School, Carol Waxman, Principal, Petaluma Adult School, Kay Hartley, Principal, Fairfield-Suisun Adult School, and Andy Parvin, Senior Account Executive, Apex Learning.

Special Thanks

The Bay Section Winter Conference and Excellence Awards expresses deep gratitude to all of the businesses, agencies, and individuals who volunteered their time.

• Berkeley Adult School and Burr Guthrie, Principal, for providing the venue
• Berkeley Adult School support staff for set up of the multi-purpose room
• The Bread Project for preparing the delicious lunch

CCAE Bay Section appreciates your dedication and support to make our annual Winter Conference a success!





Bay section board

Gladys Kiefer
Fremont Adult School and Continuing Education

Tim Doyle
San Mateo Adult School

Dr. Usha Narayanan
Vice President
Milpitas Adult Education/Corrections

Dr. Bob Harper
Past President
Campbell Adult and Community Education

Rob Lawrence
Martinez Adult Education
925.228.3276, Ext. 218

Kay Hartley
Fairfield-Suisun Adult School

Vittoria Abbate-Maghsoudi
Legislative Chair
Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Lynne Nicodemus
State Awards Chair
Pittsburg Adult Education Center

Debbie Norgaard
Member at Large
Liberty Adult Education
925.634.2565, Ext. 1073

Shawna Tronconi
Member at Large
Napa Valley Adult Education


Thanks to our vendors for supporting ccae Bay Section!



Bay Section chapters

Alameda Chapter
To be determined

Contra Costa Chapter
Karen Lingenfelter, President

Mid-Peninsula Chapter
Janine Sahm, President

North Coast Chapter
Pam Garramone, President



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