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Your membership supports our efforts to keep funding in adult education in California.


Membership Benefits
When you join CCAE, your membership benefits will include:

• Legislative alerts and calls to action on behalf of adult education
• Discounted registration for CCAE sponsored statewide conferences, professional developments, and networking opportunities
• Effective federal and state advocacy
• Annual state-level award opportunities
• Access to low-cost healthcare benefits
• Section discussion lists
• Membership in COABE, the voice of adult education nationwide due to CCAE's large group membership in COABE

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*Attention LAUSD CCAE Members—For payroll deduction, return the Salary Deduction Authorization Card below to your CCAE site representative or mail completed form to:

Darlene Neilsen, LAUSD/DACE
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LAUSD Salary Deduction Authorization Card (PDF)

Healthcare Benefits for CCAE Members

Note: insurance products are in process of being updated in response to the Affordable Health Care Act and that members should contact Vantage directly if they have questions or do not receive a timely response. Main Office 510-595-0900; Sales Rep Steve Cannon 510-595-0906,

Vantage Business Support and Insurance Services has a full line of health benefit products designed for CCAE members.  We also have numerous plans available outside CCAE for those individuals that are age and health qualified.  Since 2006, Vantage Business Support and Insurance Services and the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) have teamed up to provide an association benefit program for its members.


Vantage Medical Benefits for CCAE Members (PDF)

NEW! CCAE members and their families can now subscribe to a low cost 24/7 doctor support via telephone, video and secure email.  Information about the Vantage Insurance AmeriDoc program can be accessed through the following link:



EJS Insurance Services—Take advantage of any of the premium programs listed below. These programs are provided through EJS Insurance Services, Inc., which is an approved CCAE benefit provider. EJS Insurance Services, Inc. has been providing services to CCAE members for more than twenty years.

• Dental Plan
• Hearing Service
• Legal Plan
• Long Term Care
• Medicare Supplement
• Prescription Discount Plan
• Vision Services
• Discounts Galore

For more information visit:

Thank You For Your Membership in CCAE

Thank you for being one of over 3,223 supporters of Adult Ed who have signed up to receive important information about the current dismantling of the State's Adult Education program that has been in existence since 1856. The first class was held in the basement of St. Mary's Cathedral on Grant Avenue in San Francisco. Since that time, the Adult Education program grew to serve over 1.2 million students. Now, statewide enrollments are estimated to be down to 600,000 students and the total is continuing to drop each year.

By joining this email group you will be receiving information on what is happening both locally and at the state level that is affecting Adult Education. Honestly, we are expecting most news will be bad UNLESS we act in a coordinated way to express to decision makers the importance of Adult Education and how their decisions are having detrimental effects on the program. We need your voice!


In these emails you will not only get the status of Adult Ed but you will also, at times, be asked to act. This could mean sending a letter to your representatives, calling their offices, attending a school board meeting or possibly traveling to the capital to voice your concerns and opinions directly to legislators while they meet in their committees.

The battle ground to save adult education continues to reside within the Legislature.  Continue to make calls and send letters and emails to your legislators. Be sure to copy our office at or fax 866-941-5129 so we may present hard copies when lobbying the issue. Please encourage others to join the Supporters of Adult Education campaign to keep the pressure on the Legislature to save adult education.

Contributed by:

Steve Curiel
CCAE South Coast Past President