Nomination Forms

Nominations are now closed for the CCAE State Awards except for the Life Membership Award.

Life Membership Award

Eligibility:  The nominee must be a retired or retiring member with a minimum of ten years of service to adult education and three years membership in CCAE including the current year.  Nominee must have made significant contribution to the chapter, section, or state level of CCAE.  Nominees will be selected by their respective Chapters or Section Boards.  Life Membership shall be awarded at the annual state conference. Deadline for Section to submit nomination online is March 31, 2017.

George C. Mann Distinguished Service Award

Eligibility: Nominees are adult educators who have been in the profession for at least ten years and a member of CCAE for at least the last three years.  The nominee must have demonstrated leadership abilities through consistent service to CCAE at the Chapter, Section, and State levels.

Donald A. McCune Collaborative Award

Eligibility: The nominee must have, for five years or more, established collaborative arrangements among agencies to enhance services to the adult learner.  Membership in CCAE of at least three years, including the current year, is required.  Letters of endorsement from collaborative agencies should be included.

Robert W. Rupert Award

Eligibility: This prestigious award is not necessarily presented annually, but is presented at the discretion of the CCAE State Awards Committee only when it wishes to recognize and honor an individual whose impact on adult education has been widely acknowledged.  The recipient’s leadership and contributions to adult education at local, state, and national levels and to CCAE have been EXCEPTIONAL. Membership in CCAE for at least three years, including the current year is required. 

Award of Merit

Eligibility:  The nominee must be an adult educator who has been a member of CCAE for at least the past three years and who has performed outstanding STATEWIDE service to CCAE and adult education. 

Citation of Merit

Eligibility: The nominee, who is from a profession other than adult education, has made contributions of outstanding value to adult education.

Partners in Adult Education Excellence Award

Eligibility: The nominee, which is an agency serving adult education, has demonstrated effective collaborations between education and community learners in both the creation and implementation of adult education programs. They have sustained a positive impact on student‘s learning and have had broad support and active involvement in the community. This agency has shown exemplary educational practices towards adult schools that can be replicated by others. 

Excellence in Teaching Award

Eligibility: The nominee is a teacher with three or more years of experience who is recognized as a master teacher.  CCAE membership for at least five years, including the current year, is required.  Nominee must be selected by their respective Section Boards.  Each section may submit one nominee for each 250 members as reported the previous June 30. 

Since selection of an individual for this state level award is a Section leadership decision, only the Section President or his/her designee may complete and submit this form.  Individuals or Chapters wishing to nominate a CCAE member for a local level Excellence in Teaching Award should contact their Chapter or Section leadership for details on the local process and timeline.  

Excellence in Support Services Award

Eligibility: The nominee must be employed in classified status in an adult education program. Membership in CCAE for at least three years, including the current year, is required. Nominee must be selected by their respective Section Boards. Each section may submit one nominee.