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Life Membership Award

Adriana Sanchez-Aldana

Adriana's contributions to CCAE over the years are vast and undeniable. In her position as Principal at Montgomery Adult school, she was extremely active in holding the PACE Chapter together. For the laast several years, Adriana alone participated in all CCEA events on behalf of PACE but at her own expense. She was our San Diego connection in presenting the 2007 State conference, and I am proud and grateful that she was my Co-conference Chair for the 2014 State Conference as well. Adriana is so dedicated to CCAE that she allows the Southern Section Board to utilize her daughter's home as a midway meeting spot, and even though she is now Executive Director, she has made arrangements to allow us to continue to meet there without her presence. 

Adriana is active in every Leg Day, from making contacts and appointments to helping to deliver the talking points to novice attendees. I can't list the many ways she has been involved but I can sum up her dedication by stating that less than 2 weeks after she retired from her career in Adult Education, she took on the responsibilities of Executive Director. Not because she needed to, but because she was asked to! 

Related Activities

Program Evaluation Team/Field Evaluation Design Team
Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS)

  • Set up and review criteria for the evaluation instrument to be used for feedback from programs in the state of California, which access federal funding under Workforce Investment Act (231 programs).
  • Review data from federally funded agencies across the state.
  • Review annual report documents to be submitted to state and federal agencies.

National Academic Council Member for “On Common Ground” video series

  • Participated in the development and review of the citizenship/civic education video series, “On Common Ground” for use in classrooms and distance learning situations.

Programs of Excellence Field Reader and Site Review Team
California Department of Education/Staff Development Institute

  • Served as reviewer and team member for Programs of Excellence Site Visit in order to validate excellent status of ESL-Citizenship program as outlined in application submitted. Review team consisted of a CDE consultant, a Director of Adult Education, an Assistant Principal, and myself.

Interim Adult Education Steering Committee
California State Department of Education Youth, Adult and Alternative Education Division

  • Developed long and short-term plans for Adult Education in California according to the fourteen strategic recommendations agreed upon by the Adult Education for the Twenty-First Century Advisory Committee.

Model Standards Subcommittee
Elementary Adult Basic Education Task Force
Interim Adult Education Steering Committee
California State Department of Education
Youth, Adult and Alternative Education Division

  • Developed and reviewed the Model Standards for Elementary Adult Basic Education with a task force of ABE practitioners from the state of California. 

English Language Specialist
Oxford University Press

  • Exhibited and demonstrated instructional materials at ESL, Adult Education and Bilingual conferences throughout the State of California. Provided in-services on materials. Correlated products to program guidelines and provided support services and/or technical assistance to clients.