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Excellence in Support Services

Andrea Aragoza

Southern Section


Andrea Aragoza is a long-time CCAE member who supports adult education students in her work at Montgomery Adult School. She has been an educator and advisor, serving students in goal-setting, educational planning, and finding community resources to better serve our adult learners. Her passion for helping others is displayed in her actions and involvement in all areas of student need including academic, personal, and career planning. Andrea has a compassionate heart for students and takes an active role in supporting their academic success. She meets students at their level and creates a customized plan so that she or he can obtain short- and long-term goals successfully. She supports students with passion and commitment and goes above and beyond to serve the needs of the students at Montgomery Adult School.

She works hard to continuously improve the Sweetwater Division of Adult Education in many capacities. For example, Andrea attends the San Diego and Imperial Counties Super Region Consortium and is helping to organize counselors and transition and career education specialists across the region in a network to foster best practices. Her focus is always on student service, and she keeps that compass as she works with many teams to improve outcomes throughout the division. Andrea is truly service-oriented and works tirelessly to promote student success.