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Excellence in Teaching

Andrea Murphy

Andrea Murphy began her teaching career at Mt. Diablo Adult Education in 2001. She taught the popular Business Skills course, keyboarding, computer applications and medical transcription to hundreds of students preparing for employment in the clerical and health fields. She was a highly organized, knowledgeable, and considerate teacher who consistently kept up-to-date and acquired additional technical skills to impart to her students. 

In 2008, Andrea assumed responsibility for the Assessment Center at the East Bay Works Concord Career Center helping unemployed individuals navigate the process of re-employment. She assisted the Concord Career Center with setting up the Work Keys/KeyTrain assessment system and soon implemented and oversaw the assessment system at other East Bay centers. Andrea continues to teach and mentor assessment center instructors.

Andrea became MDAE’s Student Services/Financial Assistance Advisor in 2011. As with everything else she tackles, Andrea embraced this new challenge head on, learned the intricacies of Federal Financial Assistance and immediately began helping students obtain Pell Grants to fund their occupational training programs or determine other funding options. She coordinates with our partnering service providers, including, but not limited to, the Department of Rehabilitation, Employment and Human Services Department, America’s Job Centers of California, Employment Development Department, and the Veteran’s Administration to assist referred students in their transition into occupational training programs. Additionally, Andrea has been instrumental in managing the FOCUS program that enables clients of the county’s Employment and Human Services Department to transition into employment.

Andrea makes a significant difference in the success of the CTEC students. Students are often a little nervous when deciding to go back to school, not knowing what to expect with new schedules, learning new skills, and balancing school/family/work. She works with students, individually, to overcome barriers in entering their chosen occupational programs. They soon come to know that Andrea cares about them and helps them set high expectations for themselves. Her calm and caring demeanor makes registering for school a positive, non-threatening experience. She follows up by patiently providing them with consistent encouragement to succeed and countless numbers of students have been able to successfully complete their occupation training programs. Andrea routinely goes above-and-beyond for students. One example is when a student’s externship site was a significant distance from home. It appeared that the student would not be able to meet the program requirements without creating an extreme financial burden. Although MDAE had no prior relationship, Andrea reached out to the county Employment Human Services Department where the student lived to try to obtain financial support to cover transportation and child care costs. Andrea successfully created an agreement that enabled the student to complete the required externship and, therefore, graduate. 

Andrea is a wonderful representative for MDAE at numerous career fairs throughout our county, not only for the occupational training programs, but also for the many other programs offered at the school helping to create new pathways for new high school graduates and for the unemployed and underemployed.

Andrea has been a CCAE member for 5 years and attends CCAE Bay Section conferences. 

It is a great pleasure to work with Andrea and Mt. Diablo Adult Education is fortunate to have her as part of the team.