New Board Opportunity:

President-Elect, CCAE Bay Section

The CCAE Bay Section Board is seeking a new board member to join its dedicated team. The Board is looking for someone devoted to the mission of adult education and willing to take on a leadership role in promoting adult education policy and advocating for its students at the state and local levels. 

Role Description

The new Board member would begin his/her tenure this 2019-20 school year by serving as the Bay Section Vice President, with a tentative November/December start date. Section Vice President tasks include: 

  1. Report section membership update.

  2. Help organize events and develop strategies to increase section membership.

  3. Work with section Board to design legislative action strategies for state and local level. 

  4. Assist in planning for the yearly section conference.

  5. Prepare for ascendancy to a higher section Board position.

The new Board member must be committed to serve as section Vice President for two years with the expectation that he/she will then ascend to the position of section President-elect and President. Tasks for the section President-elect and President include: 

  1. In coordination with section Treasurer, prepare section budget and complete and file Annual IRS form.

  2. Develop section calendar and hold regularly scheduled meetings.  

  3. Hold section elections and the installation of new officers, and appoint section committee members. 

  4. Assist chapters and membership drives.

  5. Attend and participate in State Board meetings and act as a liaison between the Section and Chapters.

  6. In conjunction with the Bay Section Conference Planning Committee, assist in planning the annual Bay Section Conference, and host State Conference (every six years). 

To Apply

Bay Section Board positions are open to all CCAE Bay Section members, including certificated and classified staff. If you are interested in applying for the Bay Section Vice-President position, please fill out this Google Form application by October 25, 2019:

For any questions feel free to contact Bay Section Past-President Eric Saavedra at 831- 646-6580, or email: