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Partner in Adult Education Excellence Award

Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley

South Coast Section

Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley has been a strong partner of Huntington Beach Adult School for more than 10 years. Through Tanya Hoxsie's leadership, a program to provide educational services for families with language learner students is offered to the community. Mrs. Hoxsie coordinates close to 10 partner agencies to provide tutoring programs for K-12 students, ESL classes for their parents/guardians, childcare and preschool services, and wraparound support such as meals, parent education, and health screenings to name few. This award winning program is referred to as The Twilight Program and has helped educate thousands of families since it's inception.

Because Boys and Girls Club has pulled the together the right people for the right jobs each student (adult through preschool) is receiving the appropriate educational services for their level. As a result, families who participate in the program are reporting a synergy of learning, where parent learning is supporting child learning and child learning is supporting parent learning.

Through the partnerships in the Twilight Program adult education students are provided ESL instruction on a community college campus, receive tutoring and childcare services for their kids, and are provided transportation to and from the school. For three nights a week immigrant families focus on education and thereby make education an important part of their lives. By hosting the Twilight Program on a college campus, the entire family becomes comfortable with the "big campus" and begin to set goals for themselves beyond a high school diploma.

The Boys and Girls Club, through the leadership of Mrs. Hoxsie agencies such as elementary school districts, high school districts, adult schools, community colleges, public health agencies, and community based organizations work closely together to ensure families have as much support as possible to be successful. From education to health services, families are supported in numerous ways in a holistic approach. Boys and Girls Club brings us all together and helps us see the bigger holistic picture to strategically provide coordinated services.

Boys and Girls Club's model of coordinated efforts that aligns the interests of various agencies and leverages their respective strengths and resources is a model that can and should be replicated across the state.