2019 CCAE State ConferenceVolunteers

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Dear CCAE 2019 State Conference Volunteers,

On behalf of the CCAE Central Section Executive Board and Conference Committee, thank you for your willingness to help us this year at the state conference in San Diego, on April 25-27, 2019.

Your generosity with your time is greatly appreciated. You are a BIG DEAL to us and the conference attendees!

Volunteer Duty Descriptions

Southern Section Help Booth: You are at ground zero for help and support. Your role is to provide guidance and direction to attendees who have questions or seem lost. You will have a radio for tech support at the booth. 

Exhibitor Floor Monitors: Your role is to assist Brian Head, our Exhibitor Chairperson, in supporting exhibitors and their needs. You may also find general attendees in need of help or with general conference questions that you can assist. Please roam the exhibitor areas and provide assistance as needed. 

Hall Floor Monitors: Your role is to assist people during the general conference in finding their way to sessions. Please be familiar with the convention center and hotel facilities. Technical assistance questions can be directed to the Southern Section Help Booth. 

Room Monitors: Your role is to assist presenters with any help they may need. In each room, near or at the projector, is the number for direct technical assistance. If it is an issue that tech support cannot handle and you do not know the answer, you may need to visit the Southern Section Help Booth for assistance. Someone will always be there for you. You may also need to assist general attendees with questions they have. Please remind attendees to use the CCAE App to evaluate each session. This is very important. Please drop in to each room at the beginning of the session to make sure the presenter has everything they need and to remind folks to evaluate the session on the CCAE App. 

General Session, Awards Lunch, Awards Breakfast, and Closing Session Volunteers: We may ask you to do one of two things in this role. Either greet people at the door and hand them a program or usher people to open seats. The main event hall is large and people may not see available seating. 

All: Have a great time. If you get a question that you aren't sure how to answer, please direct the attendee to our help booth. Someone will always be at the Southern Section Help Booth to provide assistance. Please prepare in advance by being familiar with the conference program and general layout of the facilities as most questions you encounter will be related to those topics. Again, thank you for your part in making this a great event for all.