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Excellence in Teaching Award

Carrie Frogue

Carrie Frogue is a consummate teacher and advisor. With keen intelligence combined with a practical can-do attitude, she guides the development of a rigorous and relevant curriculum for ABE/ASE students. Her dedication and joy of teaching is clearly evident in all her work with students.

When teaching English as a Second Language, Carrie had many students who really wanted to focus on speaking. While that was one focus in the classroom, the students expressed that the only part of their day spent speaking English was in class. They wanted and needed more practice. Carrie volunteered her time and started a "conversation club" for an hour every day to fill that need, practicing small talk, job interviews, phone conversations, how to keep a conversation going, and starting conversations with people you don't really know. Students gave both planned and spontaneous speeches. It was very well received, and the school subsequently started conversation classes.

One of many of Carrie's duties at MCAS is to develop and update curriculum for the ABE/ASE department at Ford Park Adult School. Upon seeing the low passing rates on the CAHSEE, Carrie embedded high school exit skills into the high school curriculum. She also began lecture-based CAHSEE preparation classes and created a CAHSEE resource sheet including websites students could access from home to prepare for the exam. In addition, Carrie created an online CAHSEE class using Shmoop to offer supplemental lessons for students. She tried to look at all the obstacles that got in the way of students passing the exit exam and addressed each of them in some way. After these proactive changes, the CAHSEE passing rates of students who participated in preparation dramatically increased. Another benefit of the higher passing rate was that graduating students would be better prepared for the placement exams at the community college level.

Carrie creates innovative strategies to continually strengthen the ABE/ASE High School Diploma Program at MCAS. She has helped to establish a College 101 program where high school students learn about researching and applying to colleges and universities and the financial aid process (FAFSA) to ensure our Adult Education students know that they can continue their education at the college level. Carrie organizes group community college tours and on-campus presentations for students in the ABE/ASE program to alleviate some of the nervousness of students who are going to college for the first time.