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Excellence in Teaching

Charles Campbell

Southern Section


Charles Campbell is a leader among the school’s teachers when it comes to the infusion of technology to enhance student learning. His instruction most always includes technology integration, whether it be in the form of presentation or student engagement. He was one of the first to embrace BurlingtonEnglish and other supplemental software, and his students are well versed in the use the career inventory and assessment software, Career Cruising. Charles has also conducted several professional development sessions for the school’s teaching staff. Charles brings relevancy to the classroom and continually explores opportunities for incorporating the use of technology in his instruction. Charles remains educated and informed with respect to the evolution of educational strategy and pedagogy and understands the impact data analysis can have on his instruction and the achievement of his students.

Mr. Campbell is an excellent classroom instructor and his personal interest in the well-being of his students is always evident. Charles takes his responsibilities as a teacher seriously and his preparation is reflected in the meaningfulness of his instruction. His efforts have improved the education and employment opportunities of his students and afforded them the ability to positively impact the lives of their families and the education of their children. His students are genuinely appreciative, and the fruit

of his effort is evident in their excitement and persistence. Mr. Campbell’s students regularly participate in cooperative group and presentation activities in front of their peers and use mobile tablet devices daily. His classroom provides a safe and nurturing environment for self-expression and cultural uniqueness. His Principal, Todd Haag says, “Mr. Campbell is a strong advocate for the community and embraces all that CCAE represents in forwarding the cause of adult education. He is very deserving of recognition for his efforts.”