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Life Membership Award

Cindy Milina

In 1997, Martinez Unified School District employed Cindy Milina as a roving classified substitute. In this position, she had the unique opportunity to work at a variety of district school sites. In 2002, when a position opened at the adult school, Cindy chose wisely and became MAE’s registration secretary. Serving our registration desk every morning, she is busy greeting and enrolling new students, processing financial transactions, handling all the Office Depot and food safety orders, providing office staff with the special laminated brochure copies, and providing answers to a wide array of questions – some that go far beyond the scope of her position. For each holiday, Cindy decorates the office with taste and style - no one asks her to, she just does it, and we are always appreciative of her very special talent for interior design.

As a member of CCAE and one of the Contra Costa Chapter Awards Chairs from 2007-2013, Cindy demonstrated her incredible flair for creating baskets, blankets, fliers, invitations, notifications, and decorations to support this annual awards event. Cindy also served on the Decorations Committee for the 2011 CCAE/COABE National Conference in San Francisco. She has first-hand knowledge of the energy and dedication it takes to manage the scope of these events, and she volunteers without hesitation. If a job needs doing or an activity needs planning, Cindy is there to help and to serve, but don’t expect mediocrity. Where Cindy goes, you will be sure to find style and substance.