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Excellence in Teaching Award

Dan Legaspi

Dan Legaspi earned his teaching credential at Cal State Long Beach. He began his career as an instructor in the Dental program at Downey Adult School. Within months, he moved on to be the lead pharmacy technician instructor, teaching both theory and hands-on skills to his pharmacy technician students. He is currently the Director of the Pharmacy Technician program. Today, Dan is working on earning a BA in Career Technical Studies at Cal State University, Sacramento.

Dan is exceptionally skilled at applying theory to practice, and he encourages his students to participate in community events. He is regularly called upon by neighboring communities to participate in events such as the Pharmacy Take Back at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, and to volunteer for the H1N1 Flu Shot Clinic in Downey.
Dan worked diligently to open up a Pharmacy Technician program at a local community adult school. He spends time volunteering and providing free medical services at the annual Free Health Clinic at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Dan remains in contact with many of his previous students and reaches out to them on a regular basis with job opportunities through social media, texting, and emails. After students graduate, Dan sends out information that is necessary to assist them in passing the National exam. He has established new policies and procedures to ensure that his students have every opportunity to prepare for the exam. He is a strong advocate for his students and encourages and supports them in continuing their education. 

Dan is innovative in the classroom. He is one of the first to incorporate class clickers into his curriculum. He is the only area member selected to be part of a hybrid program developed online, where he developed state-of-the-art curriculum to assist his students with online technology development.

Dan loves not only educating his students but also learning from them. The diversity in his class enables him to understand and accommodate each student's needs. He feels a personal connection with his students as they work together to learn the lesson at hand.

Dan's favorite classroom experience is talking with his students about their career goals and what they aim to be after finishing the program. Dan says, "It's rewarding and fulfilling to see students bring their aspirations to reality after completing the program."