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Life Membership Award

Dana Galloway

Southern Section


Dana provided 31 years of dedicated service to the Chaffey Joint Union High School District and to Chaffey Adult School in particular. Dana served as the Assistant Principal of Chaffey Adult School from 2010 until her retirement in 2017. Dana’s primary responsibilities included the overall management of the adult school’s 5th Street campus and supervision of the ESL, High School Diploma and Parenting programs. Dana began her career in the district in 1986 as a teacher at Ontario High School where she taught Spanish and assumed a leadership role in the foreign language department. She advanced to the position of Assistant Principal at OHS in 1998. She later served as an administrator of Chaffey High, the District’s continuation and community day schools, and in 2010, Chaffey Adult School. Dana holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish (linguistics & language teaching), a graduate certificate in TESOL and a California administrative services and single subject teaching credential.

In addition to her years of experience in the comprehensive and alternative education settings, Dana served as the Assistant Principal of Chaffey Adult School for 7 years. Dana managed an entire satellite campus while supervising the school’s ESL, High School Diploma and Parenting programs. Dana assisted greatly in the development of school wide policy and protocols and was intimately involved in the creation of new programs, including community based programs and collaboration with local feeder school districts. She understands adult learning theory, the barriers adults face in continuing their education and the needs of the community. She has been involved in managing the large volume of change in adult education over the past five years.

Chaffey Adult School’s ESL program serves over 2,000 students each year. In addition to managing student assessment, placement and curriculum development, her work has resulted in a vibrant ESL “PLC” (Professional Learning Community) that rivals any in the District and serves as a model for other adult education agencies. This effort has created greater collaboration among staff, improved instruction and student achievement and has led to the involvement of more ESL staff in professional development opportunities, especially in the area of instructional technology. Dana worked closely with feeder districts and community agencies where the adult school offers programs. Her work with high school diploma program teachers and counselors provided an academic experience rivaling the comprehensive setting. Chaffey Adult awards over 200 diplomas each year and this number has steadily increased since her coming to the adult school. Student learning gains in these programs have increased steadily over the past seven years, resulting in student academic growth and increased program funding. Dana’s efforts have contributed greatly to the school’s successful WASC Accreditation, Federal WIOA Grant Applications and Federal Program Monitoring reviews. Dana has also been, and continues to be, very involved in the state’s new approach to administering adult education programs and funding. The Adult Education Block Grant and resulting collaboration among agencies has been a huge undertaking and Dana’s efforts have enhanced services, improved programs and leveraged regional resources. Dana assisted with plan writing, data gathering and collaborating with the community college, local adult schools and other community agencies in producing a volume of deliverables and plans for moving our region forward. Dana is a champion for adult education and has been a tremendous asset at the local, regional and state level. Her contributions to the adults of our community and service to the cause of adult education is to be commended.

Dana was instrumental the creation of Chaffey Adult School’s local chapter of CCAE. She worked to inform and recruit classified and certificated membership and encouraged participation in local, regional and state activities. Dana has personally participated in CCAE efforts to promote and advocate for adult education. These efforts include participating in and leading local and regional meetings, attending CCAE sponsored events and conferences and meeting with regional leaders on a regular basis. Dana has also organized and arranged for the hosting of professional development for teachers and trainings for state and local adult education administrators. She has worked to inform stakeholders, including local government leaders and state representatives and has contributed greatly to CCAE advocacy and policy efforts. And while officially retired from education, Dana remains involved by serving as the Member Chair for the local chapter and as the Treasurer for the CCAE Southern Section.