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Excellence in Support Services

Darla Grey

Southern Section


Darla Grey has been the attendance technician for the Inland Career Education Center since 2007. It is here that she first became aware of, and developed her passion for, adult education and specifically CCAE, becoming an active member in 2010. When using the term “active member,” Darla is the real deal. Never turning her back on an opportunity to serve, she has held positions as chapter president, past president, secretary, and treasurer over the past decade. While chapter president, she participated as an integral team member of the 2014 CCAE State Conference committee in San Diego, as well as presented at three separate conferences on fundraising for non-profits, in an effort to inform and educate other CCAE chapters on how they could create and sustain funding of their own.

With all her patience, kindness, energy, and passion for CCAE, Darla still finds it in her to assist teachers, administrators, and support staff daily to understand the ever-complicated ASAP attendance software and its many changes and options at this very large adult school. She somehow meets everyone’s needs with a patient smile, positive outlook, and an understanding tone. When meeting Darla it becomes obvious right away that she loves what she does and believes in adult education. That is why she is responsible for many, many of the Inland staff joining CCAE, and they are pleased that she plans to continue her support and commitment of CCAE and adult education for as long as she is able.