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Excellence in Support Services

Denese Landry

I am delighted to nominate Denese Landry for the CCAE Excellence in Support Services award. Denese demonstrates skills and dedication to every aspect of her job. She has been working for Mt. Diablo Adult Education for 15 years. During that time she has seen adult education change dramatically and always finds a way to make things work. Her positive attitude and devotion to adult education show in everything she does.

Denese is organized, dependable, industrious, caring and can always be counted on to complete the tasks at hand. The Life Long Education Department has gone through some very dramatic changes and Denese has maintained a positive attitude with both instructors’ challenges and always shows initiative. Instructors, students, classified staff and sense of humor also supports her in working with challenging staff and students.

I personally cannot imagine working in the LLE department without her very dependable and expert support. The site where Denese works does not have an administrator on site full time. I can depend on her being able to assess and handle problems as they arrive and know that she will keep me posted on what is happening and contacting me when needed.

Over and above her duties as a secretary, Denese can be counted on to help think of and make items for staff appreciation day, school celebrations, retirement parties and any number of other celebrations. She patiently show others how to make items.

Denese is a constant supporter to CCAE. She makes countless items for fundraisers and works with members to have items available for each holiday. She has worked tirelessly behind the scenes at conferences, meetings, awards ceremonies and meetings. The Contra Costa Chapter has benefited for years from her dedication and support.

Denese Landry is an outstanding candidate for the award of excellence and I am excited to nominate her.

Margaret D. Scott
Vice Principal
CCAE Life Long Member