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Excellence in Teaching Award

Dominika Michell

Dominika is an exceptional teacher with strong leadership skills. A 'team player', she has mentored many teachers, as the ESL Department chair, and she is generous with her time and talents. Dominika is always willing to take on the 'hard' assignments, including management of EL/Civics. She was early to adopt technology in the classroom and has worked with colleagues to improve professional practice program wide. She has always been a tremendous asset to the ESL Department as well as the San Juan Adult Education program. Dominika is a well-respected professional, energetic, enthusiastic educator and she is very dedicated to her students. As a person, she is someone her co-workers can rely upon.

Students are offered multiple teaching practices in her classroom. She varies her teaching strategies to engage her students including: pairing, grouping, direct instruction and online technology. By responding to the different learning styles, she is able to meet students' diverse needs. As the ESL Department chair, Dominika models that teaching style and encourages colleagues to adopt similar practices. One event for which she has taken a leadership role is the Heritage Day celebration. The day of sharing each other’s' cultures, food, clothing, music, and customs has been a critical component in cross-cultural understanding that San Juan Adult Education strives to foster on the campus.

Dominika MIchell has extensive international education and work experience. She maintains close ties to her family in Indonesia and makes annual visits. However, she demonstrated that she also embraced her American life when she became a naturalized citizen some years ago.

Since 1999 when she joined San Juan Unified, she has taught ESL, been the Department chair, the ESL Advisor and has represented ESL programs in activities such as EL/Civics, WASC accreditation, CDE Tech Plan, and most recently CAERC.