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Excellence in Teaching

Erix Oliva

It is with great pride and pleasure that the California Council for Adult Education is presenting the 2015 State Excellence in Teaching Award to Mr. Erix Oliva. He has inspired both students and colleagues alike with his professionalism and extraordinary enthusiasm in his twenty-six years of being an educator in the high school program as well as teacher for the adult computer literacy program.

Mr. Oliva received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and the Single Subject Mathematics Teaching Credential from California State University of Los Angeles. He also received his Master of Arts in Education with a major in Counseling as well as a second Master of Arts with a major in Educational Leadership for the Tier I and II Administrator Credential from Azusa Pacific University.

Mr. Oliva spearheaded the first literacy computer program at the El Monte High School for the evening ESL program for adults. He set up the lab making it user friendly and non-threatening for students coming to the lab for the first time. He was genuinely interested in helping students to both identify and attain their goals, and planned creative lessons aimed at gaining the maximum involvement of his students. 

During the time Mr. Oliva was an instructor for the Adult Literacy Program he taught various instructional levels using his in-depth knowledge of the computer literacy program and varying his presentation style to make learning fun, interesting, and successful for the adult students. He embraced the use of technology in the classroom on a daily basis. He used a variety of teaching techniques to motivate and guide his students through the learning process, including co-operative learning and team teaching.

Mr. Oliva never forgets his past experience of being an ESL student and once he became a counselor he has participated in all of the ESL graduations and spoken about his experience as an adult learner. He has always had words of encouragement for the students and spoke about the importance of getting an education. Among his responsibilities as counselor-administrator, he is in charge of the CALWORKS program which helps many of our financially challenged adult students complete their programs in ESL, CTE or High School Diploma/GED.

Mr. Oliva truly believes in being involved in any organization that benefits the adult, high school, and ESL programs. As administrator at Rosemead Adult School, he became a member of the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce, and later President of the Chamber. His efforts led to building close community ties as well as acquiring funds to offer our students in forms of scholarships. He worked hard to help resolve the parking problems the students had and acquired a leased property to provide additional classrooms and parking space. Rosemead Adult School and students thrived because of his efforts. Mr. Oliva has been a member of the CCAE- El Monte-Rosemead Chapter for over eleven years. Throughout these he has attended most of CCAES’s Section and State Conferences. He has volunteered his assistance in the set-up of rooms and being a monitor. He has always been truly dedicated to the El-Monte-Rosemead Chapter. For many years, no one wanted to be president of the chapter, so he stepped up to the plate and was president for nine years. He has always encouraged the staff to be part of CCAE by promoting the organization at back-to-school meetings when the entire staff meets. During his tenure, he took every opportunity to promote CCAE and the importance of being part of this organization. Erix has also participated in Legislative Day several times and comes back and informs the staff about the main issues affecting adult education. To this day, he continues to e-mail all staff updating them on those issues. He strongly supports and participates in all chapter fundraising events throughout the school year and volunteers whenever needed for CCAE functions. 

For his efforts on behalf of adult education, Mr. Oliva was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by California Assembly Member Michael Eng. Mr. Erix Oliva has received many accolades for his expertise in teaching and his service to the community such as Certificates of Recognition from the City of Rosemead City Council and U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu for active participation in Rosemead Chamber of Commerce events.