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Excellence in Teaching Award

Felicity R. Johnson

Felicity Johnson is currently an Office Occupations/Computer instructor at Bassett Adult School. Felicity began her college preparation in 2007 by attending Citrus College where she received her Associates of Arts degree in Psychology and Associates of Science in Business Technology. Shortly after, she earned her Designated Subjects Vocational Teaching Credential from the University of San Diego with authorizations in Accounting and Business Technology. In addition, Felicity continued her education and completed her Bachelors of Arts degree at Cal Poly Pomona with an emphasis in Behavioral Science.

In Felicity's Office Occupations class, she incorporates multi-media into lesson plans so that students are engaged not only in the content but the delivery of 21st century learning. Felicity is talented and a hard-working teacher. She has developed new student contracts, course outlines and computer- driven curriculum for subjects in the office occupations class. These contracts and outlines clearly identify College and Career Readiness Standards and have been uniformly adopted by the adult school.

Felicity was also a CASAS coordinator for two years, and this widened her scope of knowledge with English Language Learners. The students were grateful for her caring, motivation, and dedication. Felicity demonstrates the importance of bridging the gap between English as a Second Language students and Career Technical Education students. She helped guide them and encouraged them in transitioning to a new career pathway. Many have developed new careers and are now great examples to their children.

Felicity taught computer applications to students with special needs at El Rancho Adult Education Center. The students had Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, and were legally blind or hearing impaired. This never stopped her students from learning how to use the computer. Felicity's instructional strategies have enriched her students' learning experience by teaching them word processing, how to create spreadsheets, internet research, and multimedia projects. She planned all lessons to ensure that each student achieved their greatest potential regardless of their disability. Felicity says, "Everyone can learn, but just in their own special, unique way."

Felicity tries to incorporate the latest technology into her lesson plans as well by using social media, cell phones, Instagram, and websites to make learning fun and interesting. This computer technology has had a great impact on students, with several students obtaining gainful employment after completing her class.

What Felicity loves most about teaching is the ability to make a difference in the lives of her students. Being able to help a student that needs to learn how to use the computer or upgrade skills in order to get a job is very rewarding.

Felicity loves what she calls 'light bulb moments" when students realize they can create a spreadsheet or know how to use the Internet. If she sees a student having a difficult time, she can try a new approach to help them deepen their understanding.

Felicity wants her students to walk away with a sense of accomplishment. She feels it is her job to ensure that students learn the concepts and enjoy themselves while they learn.