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Excellence in Teaching

Geno Malkiewicz

Northern Section


After many years of teaching in secondary education, including six years in the Middle East, Elk Grove Adult and Community Education (EGACE) has been Geno Malkiewicz’ professional home for the past five years. For the past three years, he has been teaching courses using the Career Choices and Changes in EGACE’s bridge-to-postsecondary program, Career and Academic Preparation (CAP). He is a high-energy and innovative instructor whose passion for teaching and learning keeps his students engaged and moving toward the goal of successful transition into postsecondary education, training, and/or a career. He teaches his students how to explore their options to meet their education, career, and lifestyle goals; develop professional and computer skills; and how to use new financial tools to improve their everyday lives. He has presented at various conferences and training and has consulted with several adult education agencies and community colleges around the state to provide resources and support for their college and career readiness programs.

The majority of Geno’s students successfully complete the program, and they have reported back to him that they have enrolled in community college or Sacramento State University and are working toward their goal of earning a postsecondary degree; they have obtained jobs working for the state of California, as well as careers for which they trained and/or worked in their native country. They have formed cross-cultural support groups while in class, and they continue to support one another even after they have completed the program. One of his students, who was living in a homeless shelter with her two teenaged children during the time she was attending class, is now living on her own and has started a catering business. Both of her children are now enrolled in a community college in Sacramento. Another former student got a job working at the state chancellor’s office. These are only two examples that demonstrate Geno Malkiewicz’ impact on adult learners. He is without a doubt, a very deserving recipient of the CCAE Northern Section’s Excellence in Teaching Award.