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Life Membership Award

Ingrid Cardenas

Southern Section

After 30 plus years of service to the San Bernardino City Unified School District, Ingrid will retire her classified position and retain her evening teaching position as of December 2017. She has been Senior Secretary to a vast number of principals over the years. She has kept each of them on track and on their toes, while at the same time, managing to teach a keyboarding class 2 nights each week, AND be available every Wednesday to administer certified typing tests for anyone seeking employment within the San Bernardino County or School District! She is an amazing instructor, office manager, secretary and co-worker who finds time and energy for everyone daily!

As a part of the Adult school family since 1985, Ingrid Cardenas has made too many contributions to list. She has promoted adult education in every capacity of her life, including being and ESL student herself when first arriving from her native Germany! 
She went on to become an employee of the district and work in a place she had come to love, San Bernardino Adult School. 

As secretary to the principal, she has always been there with a smile to welcome new staff members and ALWAYS informing them right away as to why they must join CCAE! 

Over the years Ingrid has been apart of every Southern Section regional and State conference from planning and coordinating to assisting with registration, room monitoring and anything else she could help with. She has served the San Bernardino Chapter as secretary, historian, and Sunshine committee chair. Finally over the past several years Ingrid and her husband Cid have established and awarded a student scholarship each year for students at the Inland Career Education center who started as they did, as students.

Ingrid has been an ACTIVE member of CCAE since 1996, and we do mean ACTIVE. In her roles as Sunshine and Social chair for the San Bernardino Chapter, she has hosted many staff social gatherings on behalf of CCAE in her beautiful Highland home, in addition to being present at every meeting and CCAE sponsored event she could possibly attend. Never failing to volunteer to assist with a conference presentation, decorations, flowers, feeding the masses etc, we owe a great deal to Ingrid and her support of our CCAE Chapter.

As a classified Senior Secretary she is the epitome of class and professionalism in the workplace, as a teacher she is the most patient and generous in her dispersion of knowledge. Always being relatable and warm and yet holding students to a highly professional standard so they were truly prepared for the workplace. She set the bar for staff and students alike for over 30 years at San Bernardino Adult School( Inland Career Education Center) and we know without a doubt that she will continue to be a part of CCAE through many years to come and a part of our students lives forever.