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Excellence in Teaching Award

Jean Owensby

Ms. Owensby has been employed in the LAUSD, Division of Adult and Career Education, for a total of 37 years...so far, including 21 years in the ESL classroom, and the remaining and in overlapping years, in various other positions serving ESL students: ESL Teacher Advisor, ESL Coordinator, ESL Department Chair, ESL Resource Teacher, CBET Teacher Advisor, Refugee Program ESL Curriculum Coordinator & Program Manager.

As a Citizenship teacher, she was instrumental in preparing students to successfully become naturalized US citizens. As a Division-level ESL Teacher Advisor, she was able to make a substantial impact on the greater ESL student population by contributing to the development of ESL course outlines at every level, mentoring ESL teachers, supporting ESL teachers in the field, and conducting ESL teacher trainings. She also worked through CALPRO and the ESL Teacher Institute to provide training in various regions in California for 11 years. At her current school, in addition to teaching, she has continued to be an inspiring, patient and involved instructional leader, well-liked by her fellow colleagues.

A native of Fresno, California, Jean has always been interested in the diverse cultures of the state. She's pleased to be one of many teachers in her family, and thrilled to be involved in English literacy and language teaching. As a footnote, her career in ESL was initially sparked by an Introduction to Hebrew course she took in anticipation of a cultural tour of Israel. The tour never happened, but the career took off and she has experienced many cultures having worked with students from around the world.