Excellence in Teaching

Jennifer Bedon

Ms. Bedon has created and organized two ESL resource centers at main campuses to provide ESL instructors with access to a variety of instructional materials. She is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for LARAEC and collaborates with other school districts to align curriculum, assessment, and student pathways. She created and presented an ESL update to LARAEC representatives about the assessment workgroup team and how Regional Assessment Plan elements are being addressed. As a member of LAUSD AEBG workgroup and planning team, she helped plan and presented at LAUSD/DACE symposium serving as the Subject Material Specialist facilitator. Ms. Bedon participate in PLC administrative and teacher teams learning how to support PLC work and implementations of the CCRSs.

She collects and analyzes data from SIS and WIOA to identify program strengths and weaknesses. Ms. Bedon has created the ESL program calendar setting timeline for assessment, promotion/retention, pre-registration for semester, trimester and cohort models.

She creates and implemented the ‘Let’s Talk Fridays’ to encourage collaboration and cooperation among the ESL faculty to promote program-wide communicative activities. This has now been implemented at all 4 main campuses and is being used as capacity building for the PLC work to begin next year. She has organized and led the ESL textbook selection committee and several departmental meeting at ELASC. Is currently participating in the WIOA/EL Civics pilot team helping to create EL Civics co-applications and assessments to improve student learning and reduce time spent on standardized assessments. She provides support to cohort teachers to help them work as collaborative teams focused on student learning using student surveys and teach reflections to inform progress.