Excellence in Teaching

John Fuentes


John Fuentes has made outstanding contributions and given excellent service to students and Montebello Community Adult School for the past 11 years. John's unique educational background gives him endless opportunities to teach in an innovative and creative style. 

John attended East Los Angeles Community College before transferring to USC where he earned a BA, followed by an MA in Cinematic Arts, Film and Television. He then earned an MFA in Film and Television Production, and Critical Studies.

John's creative teaching methods have allowed him to positively impact hundreds of students' lives. He recently developed and piloted a phonics program where students have jumped 30 percent in their vocabulary and comprehension test scores. 

John has a keen ability to teach students at every level of their language-acquisition journey and finds methods to do it in a way that is meaningful and productive.

One of John's most memorable classroom experiences is when one of his ESL students who had never learned to read or write, even in his own language, began to become literate by using John's phonics program. The first time his student had the courage to walk up to the board and write 5 words, the class exploded into applause! John says he saw not only his student's victory but the courage of his heart.