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Excellence in Teaching

Juan Pablo Ramirez

South Coast Section


Dr. Juan Pablo Ramirez has been a Pharmacy Technician instructor at Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education for 18 years and has saved many lives by teaching CPR and First Aid to students as well as the school staff. On a daily basis, Dr. Ramirez demonstrates his exceptional ability to teach. In response, his students exhibit enthusiasm, skills and self-reliance as they train under the Doctor’s instructions.

Dr. Ramirez connects with local business owners in the Pharmaceutical field. Once his students are close to completing their coursework, he guides them to their assigned externship positions. Today, many of his former students are working in the medical field due to his excellent  instruction and personal dedication. One of his students commented, “He is an exceptional instructor; very attentive, very personable and makes us laugh. He is an effective, overall great teacher!”

Dr. Ramirez has been a member of CCAE for 17 years. Together with his students, he has contributed a good deal of time assisting BPACE with CCAE events and fundraisers. He has motivated his students to raise funds and apply for CCAE scholarships. Dr. Ramirez has a great sense of humor and has inspired his students to open up their brilliant minds and show their talents. Dr. Ramirez is also a State Award winner. Congratulations on receiving the Excellence in Teaching Award!