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Excellence in Teaching

Karyn Ruiz

Karyn Ruiz graduated from St. Mary's College with a BA in Liberal Studies. She has a MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Brandman University. She holds a Multiple Subjects Credential and has worked at Visalia Adult School for ten years. She has taught classes in ESL, ABE, and High School subjects. Karyn Ruiz is a professional educator in all aspects and has demonstrated excellence in teaching adult students. She is a leader at Visalia Adult School and takes on new teaching assignments with a positive energy. As an active participant in the High School Subjects Professional Learning Community she strives to provide best practices in curriculum and instruction for all adult students. 

Karyn has taken her excellence in teaching in the classroom to working with other adult school professionals. She has worked as a professional development facilitator for CALPRO teaching a variety of courses including Critical Thinking and Integrated Contextualized Workforce Skills in the ESL Classroom. Karyn Ruiz's impact on students is evident in the voices of her students. Her ESL students describe her as a good teacher who is patient and helpful with all students. Her classes are always interesting and they love her funny stories that help them make connections in learning English. Karyn believes that all of her ESL students are capable of transitioning to the local community college or workplace. She works with her students in assisting them to set obtainable goals and encourages them to plan the steps needed to achieve these goals. Many of Karyn's students have advanced to ABE/High School Equivalency classes, enrolled in the community college and/or entered the workforce. Karyn Ruiz currently serves as the secretary for the Central Section CCAE Board.