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Life Membership Award

Kathy Brendzal

South COast Section


Kathy Brendzal was the Director of Adult Education Consortium for Montebello Unified School District. This position was created specifically for Kathy who was one of the pioneers of the development of consortia in California. Kathy secured funding for Montebello Unified School District's Adult Education program and taught many of her colleagues about the consortium process. At the same time, Kathy oversaw the administration of four main school sites and dozens of satellite campuses throughout the District.

Kathy Brendzal began her career as a classroom teacher and later became an academic counselor, a role she says was one of her favorites. Because she began in the classroom and worked so closely with adult students, as her career expanded into administration, she brought a unique understanding and insight into her decision making process. She has fought tirelessly for our students at the local and state levels and was instrumental in the successful launching of LARAEC.

Kathy Brendzal has served as Chapter President, Chapter Secretary, South Coast Section President and State Secretary. She currently serves as the "overseer" of the South Coast Section's conferences and has served on numerous conference planning committees and legislative committees throughout her 30+ years of service to Adult Education.

Retirement has definitely not slowed Kathy Brendzal down. She is currently the Secretary for the Montebello Chapter. Even when she fractured her wrist, she figured out a way to get the minutes of our meetings typed up and turned in. Now that's dedication! Additionally, Kathy continues to promote CCAE and has been instrumental in several new Chapters starting up within the South Coast Section. Montebello Community Adult School is grateful to Kathy Brendzal for pouring her life's work into the students, staff and community of Adult Education.