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Excellence in Teaching

Kerry LeCussan

Bay Section


Ms. LeCussan has taught at Silicon Valley Adult Education (SVAE) at Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) for 25 years. She has taught every level of ESL. She has always enjoyed helping her students progress and seeing them continue in higher level classes. She has been a Curriculum Specialist several times, totaling eight years. As a Curriculum Specialist, she was part of the committee deciding which ESL computer software and textbooks to adopt for the ESL program. She trained teachers on using the ESL software at back-to-school meetings. She took part in making material binders for EL Civics units; and how to prepare students for CASAS testing. She also was involved in teacher orientations and mentoring new teachers. She co-chaired the Curriculum and Instruction 2009 WASC self-study for SVAE (formerly MAEP).

Before her teaching years, Ms. LeCussan volunteered at the Santa Teresa Elementary Library for eight years before getting hired as the Librarian. She was the Librarian for fourteen years, of which five she also was in charge of the Frost Elementary Library. For two years she was the Librarian at Bernal Junior High.