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Award of Merit

Larriann Torrez

Central Section


Larriann has been a teacher, program director/manager, assistant principal/director, principal/director, and consortium committee member in adult education. She has a long history of success in all of her adult education roles. Also important, but not a formal assignment, Larriann is a mentor to other adult education leaders. Her expertise and judgement benefit many.

Larriann has had many contributions to the field of adult education since she began her work in adult ed in 1994. She has changed the lives of thousands of individuals. Larriann has provided classroom instruction to the most needy of our society, contributing her talent, motivation, and support to individual students. She has provided school level and district level leadership to support the development and implementation of programs aimed at meeting the needs of her community. She contributes leadership and guidance to a community of adult education professionals her community. Larriann has contributed regionally through her leadership roles in adult education throughout the South Central Valley. Larriann has contributed to adult education statewide through her leadership in state roles as well. Larriann has been an active contributor to every major change in adult education for over 20 years. She has been through it all. And through it all Larriann has contributed without reservation to those she serves. She is a consummate professional.