2017 End of Session Wrap-Up & a Look Forward to 2018


As you may know, the legislature wrapped up the 2017 legislative session in the early morning hours of September 16th. Out of over 2,000 bills introduced this year, a mere 977 bills made it to the governor's desk by the end of the year. Of those 977 bills, Governor Brown vetoed 12.1% (118 out of 977 bills); the rest were signed into law. 

However, many measures failed to pass out of the legislature and were either held in the appropriations committees or held on the floor of one house or another. While there were many controversial issues hanging in the balance at the end of session, there were some important, beneficial outcomes impacting adult education and the students we serve. Two key measures actively supported by CCAE and CAEAA included SB 68 (Lara) and AB 273 (Aguiar-Curry).