Adult Learner, Jackie Euna Lheureux, Tells Her Story (San Mateo Adult School)

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My name is Jackie Euna Lheureux. I am an ESL student at San Mateo Adult School. I am the Day Student Council Vice President. I went to the California State Capitol in Sacramento to explain adult education with San Mateo Adult School Director Tim Doyle, staff Marina, Day Student Council Secretary Williams Avelino, Evening Student Council President Misael Turcios.

We left the school at 6:30 a.m. and then we arrived there at 9 a.m. We had meetings at the city hall with five different Senators' (Scott Wiener, Kevin Mullin, Marc Berman,  David Chiu, and Jerry Hill) legislative aides. We explained to them about adult education. First of all, how important  adult education is for immigrants. Secondly, how the adult school assists us  to go to college and find jobs. For example, students find their own skills to  study, learn how to fill out a resume, and practice interview skills for jobs. Thirdly, the school is  going to try a new system for education. For example, students  study computer in the computer class and then get credit from San  Mateo College. And finally, we talked to them about how the school needs more funding . Also, we talked to them about our story about how adult  education has influenced our living in the U.S. We hope they will understand our  intention and help fund adult education. I went to Sacramento two times - for CCAE Leg Day on Tuesday and Monday with San Mateo Adult School students. I saw many students want to participate of CCAE Leg Day. I think  that is a good idea to show them our opinion.

I think that next time we go to Sacramento, I am going to use a big voice to speak up for adult education. I will explain the opinions of other students to the legislative aides because I am the representative for the students. 

~Jackie and Day Student Council President, Wendy Samayoa, recently presented at the National COABE  Conference in Phoenix.