CCAE History–Celebrating 75 Years

The Mission of CCAE


As we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE), let's take one last look back at a bit of our history. If you'll remember, last month we took a look at the structure of CCAE. This month, the Mission:

CCAE has always focused on promoting professional standards for adult educators and influencing legislation that protects and promotes Adult Education in California.

One of CCAE's major task is to keep a vigilant watch on legislation that affects the Adult Education community in California. By communicating with, and keeping our Assemblyman and Senators informed of Adult Education needs, we can foster better legislation for Adult Education.

The California Council for Adult Education is people working together for the advancement and continued professionalization of Adult Education in California. CCAE is unique among education organizations in its breadth of membership. Our members are the practitioners of Adult Education: Teachers, administrators, counselors, classified support staff, students and community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the California Council for Adult Education is to take a leadership role in promoting adult education, providing professional development, and effecting change to best serve the needs and interests of adult education, the CCAE membership and the people of California.

With a starting membership of 244 in 1944, to the nearly 3,000 members today, we continue to be guided by these words:

"To all of you who fought a noble battle and won a creditable victory goes the thanks and gratitude of all people who believe in adult education. Adult education would have been seriously hurt this year if it had not been for the united efforts of the California Council for Adult Education, the California Teachers Association, the California Association of Adult Administrators, and thousands of interested adults and citizens."

Our struggles are not over. Undoubtedly additional attempts will be made to curtail the finances and the programs of adult education. Your membership and the memberships of all your associates are needed now to continue the fine work of the legislation committee and your officers. Let us not wait until the crisis is upon us. We must act now."

Dr. George C. Mann
October, 1953
From the Council News (forerunner of the Communicator) 

This information was condensed from the CCAE State Leadership Handbook, 2018-2019. Most of the information was researched by Steve Prantalos (Executive Director, 1999-2013) and Virginia Donnellan, (President, 1995-1996).

I hope you will join me in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE). May we continue to work together in support of the adult students in the state of California for many years to come.

Best Wishes for a great month ahead---I hope to see you at LEG Day in Sacramento and the CCAE State Conference in San Diego!

Adriana Sanchez-Aldana
Executive Director
California Council for Adult Education (CCAE)