If You Love Adult Education, Please Take Action for the $100 Million Increase



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As we continue to review and think about the implications of the May Revise we are hearing a lot of concern and confusion about where we are now and what we need to do next. Here are a couple of comments to explain where we are and next steps for the field.

Why did Adult Ed get a reduction of $1 million when there is more revenue in the state?

The $1 million reduction corresponds with the independent COLA calculation that is tied to a number of variables. One variable is the national Implicit Price Deflator for state and local governments. This variable was released late April and was lower than expected and results in a decrease in the COLA calculation from 3.46% to 3.26%, or about $1 million from the $18 million projected in the January proposal. That’s still an overall increase of $17 million to Adult Ed and we appreciate that but it is not enough.

What happens now?

The legislature will soon produce their budget proposal which will then be negotiated with the Governor against his May Revise. They will negotiate over the next few weeks and come up with a final budget by June. This is our last opportunity to make our strong argument for an increase of $110 million that is based on real costs and challenges that Adult Ed is facing. Your local legislators (assemblyperson and senator), regardless of what committees they sit on need to hear from you and your students now. It comes down to who’s voice is strongest. I know we are strong!

So how can I help?

Use the link below to call (or send a message if you are uncomfortable calling) your legislators. Ask your students to to do the same. Tell your legislators how important Adult Education is for your students and their family. Keep calling until they give you an answer. Either, I will ask for more funding for Adult Ed or I will not ask for more funding. A “we support Adult Ed” is not good enough. We respectfully ask to know what they are going to do. Keep your demeanor humble but firm.

Key points to make:

  • Adult Ed is asking for an increase $110 million to address real challenges that are resulting in the reduction of programs and services to students and thereby keeping the California Dream of becoming real for thousands of Californians.

  • The Governor and legislature are strong supporters of early childhood education and the Governor states early childhood education is “one of the best investments the state can make.” However, you can’t have early childhood education without the involvement of the parents. And Adult Education serves the parents who are in the worst position to help their children due to their low academic skills, low English skills, poverty, etc. Our students and their families are the population the Governor and legislature keep talking about. Don’t forget to help the parents help their children.

  • The Governor states “the idea that every person can achieve a better life, regardless of where they start out-is central to who we are as Californians. As elected representatives of the people, it's our job to make the California Dream real once more.” Adult Ed is helping hundreds of thousands of student and their families realize the California Dream but we are losing ground because of stagnant funding.

Click HERE to take action right away!

The legislators need to hear it from their constituents (YOU) that this funding is vital to them and impacts their districts in significant ways.

Thank you!