President's Message–Kathleen Porter

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Hello, CCAE, and happy summer to you all!

As we open the new CCAE fiscal and program year, I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge and thank the Adult Education icons who are transitioning off our CCAE Executive Board. It's hard to imagine a group of people more knowledgeable, strategic, and passionate about California Adult Education:

Sue Gilmore: recipient of this year's Donald A. McCune Award and likely record-breaker for holding the most CCAE state offices over the longest period of time - including president (twice), past president, vice president, secretary, and member-at-large. Sue remains active in all things adult ed - including the ACSA adult education council and CCAE state conference planning;

Bob Harper: one of the early architects of the California Adult Education consortia model and of Immigrant Integration metrics, Bob is a great thinker and visionary who always seems to ask the right questions at the right time. Like Sue, Bob remains a committed and willing advocate for adult education;

Darlene Nielson: recipient of this year's George C. Mann Distinguished Service Award and long-time staff member of the Division of Adult and Career Education in the LA Metro Section, Darlene's CCAE service dates back to 2000. She has held numerous offices at the chapter regional and state level and somehow always manages to maintain a positive attitude and keep her eye on the ball; and

Chesty Petersen: who has served as our association financial manager and who oversaw our return to financial strength after a terrifying low during the great recession and time of categorical flexibility. Chesty has been a CCAE member since 1976.

We are also saying goodbye to our friend and office manager, communications manager, and conference manager, Sharon Bonney and her Bonney Business Solutions Team. Sharon will be moving to a new role as the CEO of the national Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)- a great opportunity for her and for us!

We are forever grateful to each of you for your service, leadership and vision!

Fortunately, Steve Curiel will be hanging around for the next two years as past president to ensure both a smooth transition and consistency in our future work - as will Ed Schmalzel, board member at-large, and, of course, the mighty Adriana Sanchez-Aldana, our Executive Director. Like me, getting to train for two years as president-elect before assuming the president position, Jim Turnbough served as our Assistant Financial Manager under Chesty; Jim will be taking on the role of Financial Manager this year. Rounding out the team are Vittoria Abbate, our capable Legislative Committee Chair, Dawn Koepke of McHugh, Koepke and Associates, our very skilled legislative advocate, and, last but not least, the talented Vladimir Tigno, our State Awards Chair.

We are all very pleased to welcome new members to our Executive Board; Sonya Ramirez (president-elect), Rob Lawrence (secretary), and Branka Marceta (member at large). Among the many significant accomplishments achieved during Steve's tenure as president is the development of our CCAE strategic plan.

As you may know, we've developed goals and action plans in five key areas: Membership; Advocacy and Policy; Programs and Services; Organization; and Brand and Reputation. Our CCAE team is looking forward to working with you on the implementation of that plan and ensuring that we are making steady, intentional progress toward our goals. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your needs and about all of the great things that you're doing in your area. We know that as a system, California adult education is what it is today, because of you and your service to our students.

Very gratefully,

Kathleen Porter

Your CCAE President