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Excellence in Support Services

Lee Vang

Lee has played an active role within the Fresno Adult School chapter. He is always willing to help whether it is a fundraiser or our annual section conference. Lee is our school's Network Technician III, and he has lent his skills to the various needs of our chapter to ensure that our members have access to technology. He provides training for our members from Microsoft Office to Office 365. Lee is the epitome of a unselfish member who desires only to help all of our local members around him.

Lee serves as one of our section technology experts. Not only does he lend his skills and services during our annual section fall conference, he also assists other schools by being a go-to resource for them. I have had other administrators from other campuses comment on how Lee has helped their sites. This is not required of him, but he is one who seeks to help those who ask him for help.

When the Central Section hosted the state conference in 2007 and 2013, Lee served as the lead in our technology resources. He donated many hours of his own time to ensure that all of the presentation rooms had their technology up and running. He also created custom databases to ensure that accurate data was collected to ensure for accurate recordkeeping.

Lee has played an integral role in providing classified professional learning in the technology sector to our staff. In the past years, he has provided consistent professional learning on Friday afternoons to both classified and certificated staff. His training have included utilizing Microsoft Office products, CASAS, ASAP, gradebooks, Moodle, and more. He is a walking knowledge-base. What is unique about Lee in his role as a Network Technician III, is that he is accessible in his explanation of highly technical information.