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Images by Cemile Ozturk, San Mateo Adult School student

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To help you advocate for Adult Education as an investment in America’s future, California Council for Adult Education(CCAE) and California Adult Education Administrators Association (CAEAA) have assembled these advocacy materials. These materials should help you showcase your success stories, garner press coverage, and motivate stakeholders to support adult education by contacting their legislators.

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Legislative Day Participant Certificate List

If you would like a certificate of participation for CCAE-CAEAA Annual Legislative Day 2018, please submit completed form below to G. Vittoria Abbate, CCAE State Legislative Chair at abbategv@mdusd.org.

Legislative Day Webinar

Resource: 2018 CAEAA=CCAE Legislative Day Preparation Webinar (PowerPoint)

CAEAA-CCAE Legislative Day is sponsored by Burlington English and GED Testing Service