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Excellence in Support Services

Lesly Pineda

Central Section


Lesly has done it all. She has readily made herself available to visit our off site classes to test students. She has a great attitude with the students and staff. We all depend on her daily and she is always there to help.

Has attended every CCAE Central Section Conference. Attends workshops and brings the information to our site. Staff at TAS regularly consult with Lesly regarding CCAE information. Lesly has participated in the trainings for Leg Day and has attended the Sacramento visit for the past 2 years.

Organizes and carries out fundraising activities. Attends workshops thru CCAE conferences and meetings. Encourages students and staff to support CCAE in any way they can.

In addition to her work schedule, Lesly is attending community college each semester pursuing her degree in order to become a teacher.