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Excellence in Teaching

Megan Carroll

Los Angeles Metropolitan Section


Ms. Carroll has been an adult educator for more than 18 years. She is an English as a Second Language instructor by trade. She has enjoyed the rewards of working in the classroom and collaborating with fellow educators to provide students with the best service possible.

She is currently working out of the classroom with the school's WIOA program. She is always thinking of ways to improve education, increase student gains, and provide support to all of the teachers she works with.

Under her leadership, the EL Civics program has empowered students to develop their language skills by providing well planned and engaging lessons and activities. She understands that education is truly a life-long process. She is more than willing to share her knowledge with everyone around her.

Ms. Carroll is a tireless advocate of adult education. She makes an effort to make students and staff a priority. She is always willing to volunteer for any project or assignment at a moment's notice, and ready to take on a leadership role. She demonstrates her passion for adult education, and is a loyal member of her school's community.