Membership Benefits

Thank You For Renewing Your Membership

Thank you for renewing your membership in CCAE. Your membership enhances CCAE's ability to secure legislation that protects adult education funding and enables us to provide the latest in professional development which is more important than ever.   
This school year we want to stress the importance of attending our section and state conferences. Although we were able to secure funding for Adult Ed there are significant changes in the accountability model we will be under. We need to adapt our practices to the new accountability or risk loosing our funding due to lack of performance. Now is the time for professional growth.

Membership Benefits Include:

Legislative news and calls to action on behalf of adult education
• Discounted registration for CCAE sponsored statewide conferences, professional development, and networking opportunities
• Effective federal and state advocacy
• Annual state-level award opportunities
• Section discussion lists
• Membership in COABE, the voice of adult education nationwide due to CCAE's large group membership in COABE