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Excellence in Teaching

Michelle Dullea

Southern Section


The highlight of Michelle Dullea’s career in adult education has been her involvement and activity in CCAE. Michelle has served in different roles within CCAE over the past 25 years, including Sweetwater-PACE chapter president for three terms, chapter secretary, chapter treasurer, Southern Section secretary (1997-98), and is currently serving as the Southern Section secretary for a second term. Michelle has been actively involved in planning section and state conferences over the years in San Diego. She states, “I absolutely love CCAE and its members from all over the state. I always feel at home and welcomed when I’m at CCAE events, and I highly respect and admire the authenticity of our leaders and colleagues within the organization. Our members and leaders inspire me to be a better educator. I stay involved in CCAE and come back for more because I believe in our unique mission. Adult education opens its warm and inviting arms to adults who need a second chance, and in many cases, a first chance. CCAE keeps this dream alive for adults in our communities who would otherwise not be served. What a true privilege it is to be an adult educator and serve in the great mission of CCAE.”

Michelle is currently serving as a resource teacher at San Ysidro Adult School and enjoys working with colleagues and students on the development of IELCE programs. Michelle expresses, “Teaching in adult education has been a great joy for me from the beginning. I never take for granted how special it is to be a support system for people and to provide an open and inviting place for adult students, and my colleagues, to channel their academic, professional, and personal goals. Adult education is magical! The exchange of learning that happens between teacher and student, colleague to colleague, is beyond words. Being an adult educator includes witnessing growth and development that spans beyond academia. Those who are in it, know exactly what I mean!”