Excellence in Teaching

Mickey Obermire

Mickey Obermire has been employed at Clovis Adult Education since August 1995 and a CCAE member since 2011. Under her guidance, the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program has graduated first-rate students and is recognized as one of the leading and most demanding programs in the Valley. Mickey was solely responsible for being the only approved adult school in the Central Valley to offer the CMA National Certification Exam. Mickey completed the 2015-16 OTAN's Online Teaching Academy (OTAC) program where she learned to create customized training videos for clinical skills. This year-long commitment only enrolled ten experienced and aspiring online instructors throughout California. These ten instructors participated in rigorous training for the benefit of becoming a mentor trainer back at their home sites. Mickey completed her OTAC training in May 2016. She has also been a presenter at numerous CCAE chapter and section conferences sharing her expertise in online education with other adult school educators. Mickey is a member of our technology and mentoring team to develop adult education technology resources at Clovis Adult. She has made various professional development presentations at local, Central section, and state levels. She currently is participating in OTAN's 2016 Digital Leadership Academy (DLAC) and has already produced several guides using this online training and resource. She has also taught a variety of classes at our local community college to improve staff utilization of technology, ie., Pivot Tables, Mail Merge.

Mickey has demonstrated a unique knowledge and understanding of the Clinical Medical Assistant curriculum and presents that curriculum in a relevant and real-world format for students. We truly appreciate the way Mickey makes students a priority, and seeks ways to insure their success and is open to suggestions or recommendations to build upon this excellent program. These are the traits of a professional educator. We cannot thank Mickey enough for her continued years of dedication, commitment and energy. We love the passion she demonstrates every day for the program. She is a wonderful and loyal member of the Clovis Adult Education family. It is our honor and pleasure to work with Mickey and watch her transform the CMA program into one of the finest in the Central Valley.