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Excellence in Support Services

Mildred Scherr

Bay Section


Mildred's primary responsibilities include handling payroll and purchasing for Berkeley Adult School. Her dedication to her adult school and its staff and students drives her to tenacious problem-solving and at times intense action. She recognizes the adult school's position "on the margins" of the school district, so works tirelessly to do things right so that BAS gets the services from the district office that it needs. 

Mildred's efforts have earned the adult school the reputation in the BUSD purchasing department of doing things right --and so purchasing is happy to push our requisitions through promptly. Even in unusual circumstances when the adult school needs something extra fast (because of an administrator's lack of planning !), Mildred has earned the favor of the purchasing department so that we get their support when we need it.

Every month Mildred checks several hundred time sheets for accuracy. She handles late time sheets with the same care as those submitted on time -- only with more speed, usually making extra trips to the payroll department to give BAS staff every chance of being paid on time. Recently the payroll office made errors with a number of BAS employees' paychecks resulting in half-size pay for some employees that month. Mildred advocated business office staff on their behalf for prompt resolution. When the corrections were delayed, Mildred chose to use her personal funds to help a colleague pay their rent on time. This is a sign of her strong commitment to the people of her school.

Mildred is a site representative for the classified employees union. She advocates for her members, and she listens to other perspectives, in pursuit of what is fair for all. 

For Mildred's commitment to accuracy, commitment to the people of her adult school, and commitment to fairness, Mildred is worthy of recognition for Excellence in Support Services.