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Excellence in Teaching

Myra Arredondo

Myra Arredondo is a dedicated ESL instructor who fell in love with adult education 25 years ago shortly after receiving her teaching credential. She started her teaching career at Roosevelt Adult School in 1989 during the middle of the Amnesty program. Twenty years earlier, her own mother enrolled in ESL 1 at Roosevelt Adult School eventually earning her high school diploma.

Myra's mother experience and success in the adult program has motivated Ms. Arredondo throughout her teaching career. Regardless of her students' age, background or current situation, she sees the same potential in hers students to succeed as did the instructors who taught her mother. As a result, she maintains high expectations for her students and teaches each of them with patience and an understanding that every student in their class can learn and reach their individual goals. She pus into practice what she learns for the benefit of her students' own learning. It is not unusual for Ms. Arredondo to be found in her classroom two hours after her last class fine tuning her next day's lesson plans, correcting student work, or working on her classroom bulletin boards. She clearly has the best interests of her students in mind at all times and works diligently to make sure they get the best from her as well. She serves as Student Council Advisor; oversees the yearly Holiday Food Drive; is liaison to local publications to promote school programs, does community outreach in promoting programs to local churches; served as co-chair of accreditation at her last adult school; she attends and presents at DACE and CCAE conferences and represents ESL department on local AB86 Focus Groups.