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Excellence in Teaching

Nancy Roth

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, as well as a multiple subjects credential with a CLAD certification. She taught in elementary and middle schools before joining the San Bernardino Adult School in 2007. She has since been trained in Evidence based Reading Instruction and SRA REACH. Nancy reaches her students on a level of compassion and understanding. She develops activities within her class that give every student a chance to excel and gain confidence. Sometimes it is in game type competition and they cheer for one another, sometimes it is by having students demonstrate an activity or subject that they feel they excel at and want to share. This feeling of value and success is one that many of our student haven't experienced in a long while, if ever. Once they believe they can be successful at something, she converts all that confidence into educational goals!

Nancy has been very innovative in her approach to teaching adult learners. She always begins by building their self-confidence so that they may achieve a positive attitude on which to build. When students arrive beaten down and lacking hope, she displays faith in them and their abilities, in other words, she believes in them until they are able to believe in themselves! The majority of her students are successful enough to move on to diploma programs, pass the GED or go into the workforce. This is her mark of success - when they succeed, so does she! Her active participation in CCAE has also contributed to fundraising to provide scholarships for her students and others. Nancy has always had a love of teaching and sharing her knowledge with others, particularly students. As a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America over 15 years, she was honored with the highest award a female can receive - the Silver Beaver. While teaching at the 4th grade level, Nancy developed a "pull out program" where she worked with ESL students to enhance their reading skills and language arts. Nancy is a past President of CCAE for San Bernardino Chapter and is currently the CCAE Southern Section Secretary.