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Excellence in Support Services

Norma Trejo


Norma Trejo has been an active member of CCAE's South Coast Section since 2011. She never misses an opportunity to attend meetings or volunteer to assist with fundraisers. She has contributed her time to raising funds in numerous ways such as turnaround trips. In addition, Norma started a "snack shack" where she sells snacks to staff and students. Norma donates to the Montebello Chapter regularly. Moreover, she once recruited 6 Diamond Members in a week and is one herself!

Norma has attended Section meetings and takes on the role of reporting important information regarding fundraising and/or upcoming events to the classified staff.

CCAE South Coast Section President Elect, Nancy Martinez has said, "Norma has a special way of interacting with our students. She has been in their shoes and knows the struggles they face, which gives her the unique ability to connect with them on a deeper level. She pours her heart and soul into helping them succeed in their education and in their lives. She is an amazing advocate for them and our adult education program. We are truly blessed to have Norma so actively involved in our section, in our chapter, and as a member of Montebello Adult School family."

Norma has attended both Section and State conferences over the years and encouraged other classified employees to get involved at all levels of CCAE. She has been and continues to be instrumental in fundraising so that the Montebello Chapter can send students to Leg. Day. Norma constantly shares with students the importance of making their voices heard and assists to prepare students to meet with legislators.

Students and staff comment that the moment they encounter Norma, whether she is in the front office or computer lab, her presence creates a welcoming, nurturing environment. She wants all students to know that she is there to help them reach their goals.

Norma knows that one of the hardest obstacles for students is to take that first step to walk into the Adult Education office to begin a new chapter in their lives, and she steadfastly encourages them. Norma feels that Adult Education is often a second chance for some students, and her job is to assist students in obtaining these new aspirations.