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Excellence in Teaching

Patricia Brown

Bay Section


Patricia Brown came to volunteer at the San Mateo Adult School in the mid 1990’s. Inspired by what she saw, she decided to get a credential and has taught ESL at San Mateo School since 1997. A dedicated teacher with a tremendous work ethic, Patricia was deservedly named the school’s ESL coordinator this year. Patricia is the person who always has her hand raised to try out something new. Patricia has been a Train the Trainer for CALPRO and used her knowledge to help San Mateo research and design new curriculum to meet student needs. She volunteered to go through the process of learning how to create professional learning communities in adult schools and consequently helped implement the PLC model in San Mateo, serving as the first facilitator. Throughout the years Patricia has set high expectations for herself through her continued efforts to learn and grow professionally. This, combined with her initiative in taking on school leadership roles, has positively impacted teaching and student learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Visit Patricia’s classroom on any given day and you will see and hear students having fun learning, but at the same time being challenged and encouraged to take risks. Her students rise to the challenge because she works hard in creating curriculum

and lessons that not only meet their immediate needs but motivate and provide them with the skills they will need to be successful at college, work, and to navigate their community. Though the AEP has moved its focus to measurable outcomes and transitions to college and careers, Patricia has not lost sight of the importance of connecting with students, empathizing and showing interest in their lives and culture. Students respond to Patricia with an equal amount of respect and affection.