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Is your school a Platinum institutional member? 


Adult School Administrators, so many questions regarding Adult Education have remained unanswered. How much funding will consortia receive and how will those funds be allocated? What do we have to do to receive our share? How do we work with our college partners to make the most of the consortia funds? What are the requirements for Adult Schools for using these funds? The questions go on and on, but the good news is that CCAE is here to help.
By becoming a platinum institutional member your school will have access to the broad knowledge and experience within CCAE's membership. All of the Adult School administrators currently working with state officials who are making decisions on funding and policy are CCAE members. That's how close CCAE is to the action. 

This year 70 adult schools, school districts, or institutions took a stand to directly support the work of CCAE by registering as Institutional Members. We believe every adult school should be an institutional member.

Platinum Institutional Membership

Click the button below to sign up online using our Platinum Institutional Membership Form. 

  • Platinum Institutional Membership $500

  • Upgrade from Institutional Membership to Platinum Institutional Membership $250

a)  Fifteen students at your adult school will receive FULL membership benefits in CCAE at no charge to the students (a savings of $50)

b) The fifteen students that are signed up under the special Platinum Institutional Membership option will be automatically entered into our Adult Ed Student Scholarship Fund which will provide funding for students that are currently enrolled in CTE and adult school programs.

c) Your adult school will be prominently featured on CCAE's website, on our new App, in the 2019 conference program, and in our monthly Communicator eblast which is sent out to all CCAE members plus over 3,000 contacts statewide.

If you prefer to join, renew, or upgrade your platinum institutional membership by mail or fax, download the 2019-2020 Platinum Institutional Membership Form. Contact if you have any additional questions.

Central Section
2 Platinum Institutional Member

Porterville Adult School
Visalia Adult School

Northern Section
1 Platinum Institutional Member

Oroville Adult Education and Technical Center

Southern Section
2 Platinum Institutional Member

Corona-Norco Adult School
Poway Adult School