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Excellence in Teaching

Robert Proctor

Los Angeles Metropolitan Section


Mr.Proctor has taught ESL in the Division of Adult and Career Education for many years. During his tenure, he has distinguished himself as an outstanding instructor. He is highly dedicated and exhibits exemplary teaching technique.

Mr. Proctor is innovative in his craft. One example of this is his spearheading an out-of-classroom weekly activity that has come to be know as "Let's Talk Friday". Every Friday, all ESL students meet for 30 minutes outside the classroom and engage in lively, teacher-directed conversation about various topics of interest, encouraging students to practice listening and speaking across all levels.

Mr. Proctor's commitment to educational excellence is not restricted to the classroom. He publishes an online weekly newsletter for staff and students, addressing his school's and students' successes and achievements. Students in the ESL program feel that they are well represented and have a voice. His newsletter has proven to be a vital tool in advertising and promoting the school.

In addition to his active role as an instructor in and out of the classroom, Mr. Proctor never misses an opportunity to present at various conferences and workshops, such as CCAE, CATESOL, and others to name a few.