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Excellence in Support Services

Rocio Tylor

Rocio Tylor has been a part of the Division of Adult and Career Education since 1993. Her 22 year of service have been exceptional and has a trajectory of transforming from student to Office Technician to Senior Administrative Assistant and teacher. Rocio taught Computer Application courses and served many adult students in becoming proficient and knowledgeable in the use of computers.

Rocio uses her experience and knowledge in adult education as she answers student questions and orients them in adult education and all the programs offered. She assists instructors in everything they need, from proper documentation for leaves, payroll issues to whiteboard markers and paper. Rocio's role and skills far exceed her assignment as School Administrative Assistant.

Rocio always maintains a very positive and friendly attitude towards students, faculty, and staff. She never hesitates taking on any challenges or difficult task and ensures that these projects are successfully completed. She is able to work under pressure and always manages to resolve issues under stressful situations for students, staff, teachers and administrators.