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Excellence in Teaching Award

Roland Espinosa

Mr. Espinosa holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Master of Arts Degree in Person-Centered Education, and has both Single-Subject English and Multiple Subject teaching credentials. After an outstanding 20 year career as an elementary and intermediate school English teacher, he joined San Bernardino Adult School in 2011. With his exceptional K-12 background as a district recognized master teacher, he arrived with a wealth of teaching experience and has made a successful transition at the adult school level. Roland has been an outstanding public school teacher for 24 years. Here at the Inland career Education center (ICEC) we have a diverse population and the students readily accepted him as the professional he is. He has taught ABE, GED. H.S. Diploma English, and ESL.

What holds true and has remained the same for Mr. Espinosa, now in his 25th year of teaching, is his genuine concern for his students and his delivery of quality best practices instruction. Over the last 5 years at our school, he has taught several subjects including ABE, High School Diploma English, GED Language Arts / Social Studies, and Advanced ESL. No matter what the subject matter, students in his class are always actively involved in their learning and apply their critical thinking skills regularly. He works diligently to establish a harmonious learning environment where students are happily engaged and feel comfortable expressing their viewpoints. Roland has always believed in the philosophy of making a strong connection with his students to build their self-esteem and make them feel worthy of academic success. Roland states the following: “The word educate in Latin is educar which means to draw out what is latent. As an educator, no matter what the age of the student, I feel I’m drawing out that boundless potential that lies in each and every one of my students. I want to build their self-esteem, empower them, help them reach their fullest potential and get them connected to college or career. That way they’ll become effective, contributing members of society.” As a GED instructor, his students are truly thriving as more and more are passing their GED exams at alarming rates. Additionally, the point gains of his students’ CASAS post tests are phenomenal with some students making up to 14 point jumps in their scores after being in his class for a short amount of time. Mr. Espinosa has also helped several students receive their GED certificates, graduate, and go on to college. Over the years, he has gladly written several letters of recommendation for students either for Student Council membership, college scholarships, employment, or in some instances for legal matters pertaining to students. Mr. Espinosa is also mentioned frequently in our school’s electronic student survey where they often express words of gratitude for his caring ways and excellent instruction.

Mr. Espinosa is much appreciated by his students for his caring demeanor and has helped numerous students pass their GED exams. He is committed not only to his students, but to our school’s CORE values and Strategic Action Plan. He is considered a team player and a willingly shares his knowledge with those in his presence. He’s an active member of the school’s steering committee and is currently the President of the San Bernardino Chapter of CCAE. Roland not only conducts himself professionally, but dresses professionally as well, every single day. He is a valued member of our staff and truly deserves this recognition.

Roland conducts himself and dresses professionally, is a team player, and willingly shares what he knows with his colleagues. He is an active member of our school’s Steering Committee which will make our 2015-18 Strategic Action Plan of connecting our students to college and career come to full fruition. He is also an observed teacher for our district’s Instructional Rounds/ Best Practices Program, the emcee of our annual CCAE fundraiser play at the Redlands Foot lighters Theater, and currently serves as our school’s CCAE Chapter President. Outside of school, Roland is an active church member of the Higher Ground Church of God in Christ in Jurupa Valley where he sings in the church gospel choir and is a featured male soloist.